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PrimeJack® is a new ingredient with multiple uses in (alternative) meat products, sauces and spreads, bakery products and even animal feed.

Maybe you have tried pasteurized / canned jackfruit before? 
PrimeJack® is different from pasteurized jackfruit in several ways. 


  • It has no flavor or smell and it soaks up any flavor you rehydrate it in 

  • It has no sour / off taste because its 100% natural, without additives 

  • Can help to lower your nutri-score in blended products

  • Has minimal packaging and a low footprint

  • Easy to use in large volumes in the food industry 

  • It is available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours


We are happy to show you how PrimeJack® could work in your product range or recipes!

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