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PrimeJack® is guaranteed to be food safe, having attained certification from all essential standards, ensuring the highest quality and compliance in the food industry as well as social and sustainability standards. 

By integrating PrimeJack® in your applications and products the following claims and statements can be made.

  • Food safe according to the IFS standards

  • Fair Trade certified, meaning a fair price is paid to smallholder farmers

  • Produced under decent working conditions

  • Compliant to all social standards

  • Traced back to the farmer level

  • Organic by nature and organic certified on request

  • Harvested in a regenerative farming system

  • We leave no trace and use the jackfruit 100%

  • Vegan 

  • Halal

These claims are backed up by our food safety and production facility certifications.
Other certificates are possible on request, like:
in process
Our sourcing principles

Sustainability is at the heart of Fiber Foods values: we work with the smallholder farmers in
East Africa to source our jackfruit from sustainable agroforests, guaranteeing a market for their harvest at a fair and sustainable price.

Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 13.21.12.png
Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 13.21.18.png
By integrating PrimeJack® in your applications and products the following statements can be made. 
  • First and foremost you are reducing meat consumptions which is the most effective measurement of fighting climate change and the loss of biodiversity;

  • By replacing meat for PrimeJack® you can divide the carbon footprint of that replacement by 25 times 

  • By buying PrimeJack® you enhancing regenerative farming practices and increased income of smallholder farmers in East Africa

  • By buying PrimeJack® you create decent jobs for young women in rural Africa

  • By choosing PrimeJack® you add a regenerative circular whole food ingredient to your recipe.

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