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PrimeJack® is an easy to use 100% natural meat-like ingredient that rehydrates to 8 times its weight.


Reducing meat consumption is one of the most effective ways of mitigating climate change. Eating less meat and more plant-based is promoting a healthier and more balanced future for both the planet and people. Jackfruit and especially dried jackfruit is a hero in this transition. 


Traditionally, jackfruit is processed into cans; creating inefficiencies and limitations for use in larger-scale food manufacturing.


PrimeJack® is young jackfruit that is harvested, peeled, cut and dried at source in Africa. It maintains its natural, neutral taste and all of its nutritional content, allergen- and cholesterol-free, with a high fiber content (57%)

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Our PrimeJack®

  • Is neutral in taste color smell

  • Is applicable in large scale food production

  • Is available in shapes to fit any food application

  • Is allergen- and cholesterol free

  • Is high in dietary fibers (57%)

  • Helps improve nutriscore

  • Has a 90% lower carbon footprint compared
    to pasteurized jackfruit.



PrimeJack® is our dehydrated jackfruit ingredient that is the ideal proposition for food professionals who want to reduce meat consumption.

Fiber Foods developed the young dehydrated jackfruit value chain in East Africa. It is an impact first company. We create economic, social and sustainable value for all stakeholders.




Working with Fiber Foods and using our PrimeJack® will help you and your company make a positive impact.

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